Shake What Ya Mama (or Muscle Mousse) Gave Ya!

Ladies, the summer season is here and if you haven’t already noticed the gyms, the yoga studio, and any other type of exercise class getting busier, you soon will do! As avid gym goers here at Girls Sport Talk it’s not just fitness and exercise that is important, following a healthy and balanced diet is imperative.

However, we totally understand that can be easier said than done; those sweet cravings can kick in at any time which can be frustrating especially after you’ve worked your derriere off!

As a team GST have been fans of SmartShake for some time now using their original shakers as part of our everyday lives in and out of the gym, yet after seeing a lot of talk about Muscle Mousse (a protein based dessert made with a shaker) on Twitter, we decided it was time to give this dessert a try!

Smart Shake Shakers and Muscle Mousse.

Muscle Mousse became even more appealing when we discovered it wasn’t only a dessert high in protein, it’s also gluten and soy free! So after being sent some new slim-line shakers by our friends at SmartShake along with white chocolate flavoured Muscle Mousse, we were all set!

The mousse is easy to make, you don’t have to have Nigella Lawson’s culinary skills for this one. You simply use the supplied scooper, place 2 rounded scoops of Muscle Mousse into a Smart Shaker and add 150ml of cold water.

White Chocolate Muscle Mousse with Slim-line SmartShake Shaker

Now here comes the fun part; shake vigorously for 30-40 seconds then pour into a glass or bowl. Place the Muscle Mousse in the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour to allow it to set, just like you would with Angel Delight (a childhood favourite of ours). So once the mousse was set, it was time to get tasting! Here’s our product reviews:

Samantha Johnson – Girls Sport Talk Writer, Sports Broadcaster


I’m always wary about new products in the health industry. Is it a gimmick? A fad? Do I need it? How does it help me in my hectic lifestyle? Having tried SmartShake for a few weeks now I’m pleased to say that I’m impressed. It’s convenient, everything I need is in one container and slim so it doesn’t take up much room in my gym bag. I’m all for aesthetics too – SmartShake looks sophisticated, the attention to detail is second to none.

I’m also self-conscious about drinking my protein shake straight after my workout in the gym – I think it’s because it takes so long to make it (with the right amount of powder of course) and it can get quite messy. However with the Muscle Mousse already measured and in the container it was straight forward and less time-consuming.

Karis Buckingham Jones – Girls Sport Talk Founder, Sports Producer


As an avid fan of SmartShake for a few years now, it didn’t take much to convince me that the new slim-line design was a winner! My first shaker was purchased over 2 years ago, neon pink (aesthetics are always important to us females!) and I haven’t used another brand of shaker since. The SmartShake Slim is even more user-friendly than the original. The slim grip also makes it easier to carry to and from the gym. The double compartments as with the original design, enables you to split your protein from your vitamins or other products. The shaker is easy on the eye and is available in a range of colours, so if you’re as particular as me, you can match your shaker to your gym attire!

I’ve tried protein desserts before and to be honest none have matched Muscle Mousse. The taste and consistency of the mousse really depends on how much you shake it! The more shaking the better basically, otherwise it can taste slightly grainy. Once shaken well with the SmartShake shaker I found the white chocolate to be flavoursome, light and smooth, a great pre-bedtime slow releasing protein hit to help repair those muscles! The mousse is very easy to make with no mess, you simply shake and let it set. I also like the fact it contains no gluten, is low-calorie and low-fat. I would definitely use Muscle Mousse again, maybe chocolate or butterscotch next time!

So ladies if you don’t already have a shaker, invest wisely and invest in SmartShake! The shaker is durable, practical and looks good… so you can stay stylish while you workout; and as far as keeping those sweet craving’s at bay, look no further than Muscle Mousse’s high protein delicious dessert!

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(Many thanks to SmartShake and Muscle Mousse for supplying Girls Sport Talk with x2 slim shakers and x1 white chocolate mousse.)