About Us

Our main objective is to inform and educate females about essentially ‘the basics’.  A girls, quick guide to sports…

We are UK based however, frequently cross the boarder delving into US based sports such as NFL and NBA. These accompany the popular European sports you may be more familiar with, such as Football, Tennis and many more.

We at Girls Sport Talk, also aim to remind you girls that it’s good to keep learning something new, to keep challenging yourself… maybe even become regular sports fans!!

Girls Sport Talk aspires to be a great addition to the sporting world, and to join sports websites out there, that are maybe not so ‘female friendly’.

We hope the site will educate you. It hope’s to take you back to basics and ease you in, with the help of corresponding sports specific glossary’s.

Once you’re ready to take that next step ladies and become super sports wise our regular sports blog’s will take you that step closer to the real time action!

The ‘Sports Blog Calendar’ will update automatically with these regular blogs. So you won’t miss a thing! We’ll also keep you updated with the help of our live Twitter feed too!


So, whether you’re a mother who wants to keep up with your sporting kids, a wife or girlfriend who wants to share your partner’s love for it, or just a female who wants to become more sports wise.. look no further, this is the site for you!


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