Celebrating Women In Business

Thank you to Jacqueline Gold for naming Girls Sport Talk as one of her winners for Women On Wednesday in 2012…

”In June 2011 Jacqueline launched a campaign to support women in business, an area she is incredibly passionate about. Women On Wednesday, or #WOW, takes place every Wednesday and is run through Jacqueline’s twitter page.

Each week Jacqueline encourages female business owners to tweet her using the #WOW hash tag along with their business name and a short overview of what they do. Jacqueline then picks her three top entries for that week and re-tweets them to her followers (currently over 30,000). The three winners also receive a #WOW badge which they can display on their company websites…”

Jacqueline Gold - Celebrating Women In Business

Jacqueline Gold – Celebrating Women In Business


3 responses to “Celebrating Women In Business

  1. I’m really bummed out! I’m looking for you picks for the nfl. I’ve been following them since the season started and you stopped in week 7! What happened? You ladies were my life-line in the office pool! Now I have to go to the GUYS!!! for help…I just hate it when that happens!!
    HELP!! There are only 3 of us left!

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