So ladies – if we said that you need to have great hand-eye coordination, be light and nimble on your feet and have the stamina of a Duracell bunny, what would we be referring to?
No, not a night out on the dance floor with the girls – We’re talking about the ever growing sport of Badminton!
Although somewhat overshadowed by its bigger brother Tennis, and sister Squash.. Badminton requires the same agility, skill and stamina from its players.
It is a popular sport for both sexes and can be played at any age and also any level/skill competency. Like Tennis, it is played on a rectangular court however much smaller, divided in half by a net and can be played either singularly or in doubles.
The most noticeable difference is that is played with a ‘Shuttlecock’ as opposed to a ball.

A Shuttlecock is a weighted, plastic triangular object with a rubber ball at the base. This unusual shape can make a real difference to the play.

For example, when hit lightly it can glide over the net and rapidly fall to the ground without the opposing player having chance to run to the net and return it (similar to that of a drop shot in Tennis).

Players score their points by hitting a Shuttlecock with their racquet so that it passes over the net and lands in their opponents’ half of the court or when the opponents make an error and fail to play the Shuttlecock back across the net.

A match consists of the best of 3 games of 21 points and every time there is a serve, there is a point scored. The side winning after each rally adds a point to its score. At 20 all, the side which gains a 2 point lead first, wins that game.

At 29 all, the side scoring the 30th point wins that game and the side winning a game serves first in the next game.

It is a sport that is growing in popularity worldwide, however ever more so in the UK. This is not only because of the success of Gail Emms MBE, Nathan Robertson, up and coming talent Nicola Cerfontyne and Team GB, but also because of its accessibility, simplicity and it’s fitness fun factor.

So next time you are down the local sports centre why not try swapping your Aerobics class for a new fresh and fun sports activity?!

Book a court, rent some rackets and give Badminton a go! You won’t be disappointed!


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