Ever heard of the term ‘It’s just not Cricket?’ well, whether you agree that it’s fair game or not… we at Girls Sport Talk are going to break it down and tell you just exactly what Cricket is!!!

Whether it’s The Ashes or a Twenty20 match, you’ll be hot on the LBW rule in no time!

The game of Cricket was first played in the south of England in the 16th Century, however it was in the 18th century where the game developed into the nation’s national sport.  It’s popularity still remains today, only over taken by Association Football (Soccer)

The game is played on an oval shaped grass field measuring 137–150m.The perimeter of the cricket field is known as the boundary.

The boundary is vital in determining the scoring in Cricket, which we’ll delve into later!

2 teams of 11 players compete against each other taking it in turns to bat and bowl. The aim is to win the game, by essentially scoring more points, or ‘runs’ than your opponent. The toss of a coin decides who bat’s first.

When one team is in bat their objective is to score as many ‘runs’ as possible, whilst the team bowling tries to ‘bowl’ them out!

Bowling in Cricket is an over arm action and the aim is the hit the three wooden polls at the end of the 22-yard area, known as the stumps, which the batsman attempts to protect. The bowling team can not only bowl the batsman out, but also catch him or run him out. When you hear the loud call of ‘How’s That?’ (which is rather entertaining) it’s often a request from the bowling team to the umpire, to call the batsman out.

Once the batting team is deemed all out by the umpire, the teams swap over and they then become the bowling side. When a team is in bat it is called their ‘innings’. Once they are bowled out, their innings are over!

Most matches have 2 innings, more commenly test match cricket, however there are shorter formats of the game, these are called 1 dayers or Twenty20 matches.

The game of Cricket can also be drawn, however this is a rarity and only happens when the team bowling last, are unable to get all the batting team out.

The scoring in Cricket is as follows:

–       If the batsman hits the ball along the floor and it reaches the boundary, 4 runs are rewarded!

–       If the batsman hits the ball in the air and over the boundary, 6 runs are rewarded!

–      Additional runs can also be scored by the batsman running end to end of the 22 yard wicket area.

Cricket is a traditional sport, great to watch on a summers day in the park with a chilled beer, whilst soaking up the sunshine of course!  

However its the newest forms of the game, that can also be played inside, which are fast, exciting and the most captivating to watch! 

Remember girls… ‘How’s That?!!!’


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