Formula 1

Now for all you thrill seeking ladies out there, if the thought of watching some of the fastest cars ever made, race around some of the most complex circuits, in the most beautiful of cities, excites you, and leaves you eager for more…. Formula 1 will be right up your street!

However, if for the rest of you Formula 1 feels like you are watching an array of cars that all look the same, following each other around the same track, making the same irritating noise.. well, Girl Sport Talk are here to convince you otherwise!

F1’s appeal is in it’s cutting edge technology, namely the areodynamics. These modern day Formula 1 cars, are said to have more in common with jet fighter planes, than with your ordinary day to day street car! With top speeds of around 190mph, and averages dependant apon the circuit, you could say these cars do more than get you from A to B girls.

The sport has had growing popularity throughout the years boasting many houshold names such as Sir Stirling Moss, Aryton Senner, Nigel Mansell, Micheal Schumacher and present day stars such as Lewis Hamilton.

Much of Formula 1 can be explianed within its terminology which can be found in the F1 glossary section on the website, however it’s the race day’s that attract the masses and where the excitement begins!

Formula 1’s race days, fall over a weekend event that consists of two practice sessions on the Friday, qualifying on a Saturday with the actual race taking place on the Sunday.

The practice sessions are used for the drivers to get used to the circuit and for the constructors to make any last minute changes to the car if needed

The qualifying on the Saturday is used to determine the final standings, and the postions on the starting grid for race day on the Sunday.

Qualifying can seem quite complicated however once broken down into the three stages, it’s a lot easier to get to grips with.

The first stage includes all 22 cars race the qualifying lap. The slowest 6 cars are then positioned on the grid, from postioned 17-22.

The second stage of qualifying then commences, where yet again, the slowest 6 cars are then placed in grid postions 11-16. The fastest cars are then ready to start the third and final stage of qualifying.

These final ten cars that find themselves in the third stage of qualifying are all racing for first place on the starting grid, otherwise know as Pole Position.
Pole Position is always the car and driver that has been the fastest on the track throughtout the third qualifying session and qualifying process.

So once drivers have completed a few warm up laps, these are usually 30 minutes before the race is due to start, the final race on the Sunday can commence.

The Formula 1 calendar runs from March-December every year, and circuits are all over the world. From the first one in Bahrain to the last one in Brazil (2011), each track is individual and poses each driver and their car with a different array of challenges each time.

Throughout each race, pit stops are made by each driver. These occur when the contructors team of engineers feel changes need to be made to the car, more commenly the change of tyres.

The timing of these pits stops is often chosen strategically as dependent apon when the pit stop is made can depend on the later positioning of the drivers.

The driver that completes all laps of the circuit in the fastest time is crowned the winner,and takes the chequered flag.

As much as the sport itself is thrilling ladies, it’s the array of various, some very glamorous race locations, which make up the F1 calendar, that are definitely worth tunning in for!

Trust us, Formula 1 will get your adrenaline levels racing, even before you’ve reached the first apex!!


2 responses to “Formula 1

  1. Just a quick note – the Pole Position is only the driver who is fastest in the final third qualifying session. Whilst it is usually the same driver who is fastest overall, it is possible that a driver who starts 14th set a faster lap than the driver who starts in pole, if something has happened during that final session such as rain etc.

    Fantastic site here, much kudos for it 🙂

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