Before you ladies read on… the sport of golf comes with a warning…. it’s not the easiest of sports to get to grips with! In our opinion here at Girls Sport Talk, it is one of the more complex ones to master.

So feel free to take a diet coke break or two when reading on………..

The game of golf as we know it today, is said to have derived from the port towns of Scotland in the late 19th century, subsequently spreading throughout the UK and then over the Atlantic to the United States. Variations of the game were dated as far back as 1297 in small towns in The Netherlands, however the modern game is believed to be a Scottish invention.

Hence why, St Andrews (in northern Scotland) is often referred to as ‘one of the oldest golf organisations’.

A famous saying about golf is that ‘it ruins a good walk’. In theory, it should be simple and enjoyable. However, it is one of the most challenging and frustrating sports that you can ever play.

The main objective of golf is to hit a small ball into a hole in the ground, sounds easy hey?! However, this must be done 18 times, by using the fewest amounts of shots possible and at the same time – adhering to a strict rule and etiquette book.

Present day golfing celebrities include of course, Mr Tiger Woods. Who is, we think it’s safe to say, one of the best golfers of all time. I’m sure you ladies would have heard of him, especially after his recent ‘off the green’ antics! The sport also boasts young, rising stars such as Rory McIlroy.

In golf, there are various formats to play that enable the player to use their personal score to either win the game for themselves, or combined with team members, taking the best score between them for each hole, or collectively as a group at the end. Four players are the largest group that can play per hole.

A standard golf course is made up of 18 holes. Each is different, with a different approach and each hole must be completed in a certain number of strokes. A  par 3 hole for example, is one that should be completed in 3 strokes and is normally a short hole with generally a hazard to beat. A hazard can be a stream, a row of trees, a hill, a fairway of another hole etc. Basically, its something pretty to look at but in reality, an absolute nightmare to get past!!

A par 5 would be a long and more challenging hole that should be completed in 5 shots.

A course is set to challenge the player by means of its terrain. The game kicks off by what is called a Tee Shot or ‘Drive’. The golf ball is often placed on a plastic peg called a tee- once the player has taken the shot, the game has begun. The player then takes the next shot from exactly where the ball landed from the first one and so on.

The pursuit of 18 holes is now under way.

Golfing equipment is pretty basic – sticks and a ball. These sticks or clubs as they are properly known as however, can cost thousands of pounds as they are engineered with such technical complexity in order to improve and enhance a players game through the gradient or ‘loft’ of its head, or the material it is made of to aid speed and follow through.

The distance between the start area, otherwise known as the tee and the next hole is made up of both long grass, known as the rough or closely mown, neat grass, called the fairway. The fairway is the approach to the scoring area, commonly referred to as the green. The hole in which the player is attempting to reach is found on the green.

The hole is identified by means of a flagpole, once close enough to putt – the flagpole is removed and the player must sink the ball to complete that hole.

Like we’ve said before, the challenge within the game of golf often comes from the course itself and how the player overcomes it.

So the next time you get a chance of playing crazy golf girls, remember – you got off lightly!!!


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