Now ladies, not only is Tennis an exciting game to watch and play, it’s an easy peasy one to get to grips with so here goes….

Tennis originated in the UK in the late 19th century. Since then, the sport has become hugely popular with the masses, as they follow the ‘Grand Slam’ tournaments, also known as the Majors.

These are Wimbeldon in London (known for its glorious strawberries and cream!!) The Australian Open, The French Open and the US Open.

The basics of the game are as follows..

The game of Tennis is played on a rectangular court of variable surfaces including grass, clay, and hard court. A player either plays against an opponent, in singles or alongside another team-mate, competing against two opponents, known as doubles.

The court itself, is (23.77m) long and (8.23m) wide and is split in half by a 3ft high net. For doubles games the side sections know as the ‘tramlines’ are also used to create more space for the 4 players to run around the court. Opponents stand either side of the net, hitting the ball to each other using stringed rackets.

Each player must hit the ball back to their opponent, within the court boundaries, (sidelines and baselines) without it touching the court floor or with a maximum of one bounce.

Anything over one bounce is forbidden and the point is rewarded to the other player. You can also ‘ace’ your opponent whilst serving, which is usually a shot so fast and powerful that they just can’t return!

An ace can be achieved by serving at the beginning of each point, and is always a good crowd pleaser!

The phrase ‘Game, Set and Match’ derives from Tennis, as the main objective is to win enough points to win a game, then enough games to win a set and finally, enough sets to win a match.

The first person to win six games, or 2 clear games beyond that, wins the set.

However, like with extra time and a penalty shoot out in Football, there must be a winner. As mentioned in Tennis the player must win by two clear games. For example, if you are winning 6 games to 5, you must then continue to win the next game to take the score to 7-5.

The set is then won by you. If your opponent fights back to 6 games all however, it goes to a tie break. Another ‘edge of your seat’ interval for you ladies to sit through!!

Duration of matches are usually the best of three sets for women and best of five sets for men. Some tournaments such as the ATP World Finals, go easy on the guys however, and they only compete within three sets.

Games can sometimes go on for hours ladies, remember the ‘2 clear game’ rule, so be prepared for a few tea or coffee breaks in between sets to keep you going!

However, we at Girls Sport Talk hope that you’ll be so high off the adrenaline, you girls won’t need them!


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