Sports Glossary

‘Sports know-how from A-Z…’

Sport is full of expressions, terms and overall jargon designed to bewilder not only the newcomer but also the seasoned, regular sports fan!

Lets start with the obvious example shall we girls…

Have you ever watched a Football (Soccer) match and wondered what the commentator means when he says… ‘the player was offside’ or heard the term… ‘man on?’

Or maybe watched the Grand Prix and wondered what ‘Pole Position’ meant.. well, wonder no more.

Here, at Girls Sport Talk we’ve filtered through some of the more mainstream sports and narrowed down a few sporting terms and phrases for you.

Each glossary is individual, and sport specific to make it easier for you to get to grips with.

Girls Sport Talk attempt to unravel some of the stranger terminology too, however some commentators do have an annoying habit of inventing new words and phrases, just to keep us ladies on our toes!

We are always eager to hear your feedback, so if there are any terms you ladies cannot find throughout these glossary’s, then do let us know!


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