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Don’t know your Linebacker from your Quarter Back, or your Blitz from your Sack???

Well… wonder no more ladies, our NFL glossary is here to make things that little bit clearer!

AFC: American Football Conference. The NFL is split into two conferences, the AFC and the NFC. These are made up of 16 teams, the winners of these play in the Super Bowl.

Audible: This occurs when the quarter back shouts out a play code to the rest of his team while they are in the line of scrimmage. It is a switch from the original play code.

Backfield: Term used to describe collectively, the quarter back and the running backs. Also, the area behind the line of scrimmage.

Ball Control: Occurs when the offense keeps possession, in attempt to run down the clock.

Blindside: The area which is outside of the quarter back’s vision. Is often where the defender with make a hit.

Blitz: An attacking defensive play, which involves more than the usual 4 defensive lineman going after the quarter back.

Blocking: This is an essential part of the NFL game.

Bump And Run: This is a defensive move deployed by the corner back on the opposing wide receiver. The defender hits the wide receiver and follows him down field, this technique is set to disturb the vital link up play between the wide receiver and the quarter back.

Call A Play: Occurs when the quarter back instucts their playes to execute a pre-planned play.

Center:  Is the player in charge of calling out blocking formations to the offensive linemen. They are positioned in the middle of the offense line and snap’s the ball between his legs to deliver to the quarter back.

Clipping: Occurs when a player is brought down from behind. This action is forbidden in NFL.

Commissioner: The big boss of the NFL.

Completion: Refers to a forward pass that is successfully caught by a reciever.

Cornerback: A defender who marks the wide reciever.

Cut: Is used to describe the movement when a player changes direcetion.

Down: Is a “chance” to play the ball. The offense has  4 “downs” or attempts to advance up the playing field.

Draft: This is the process where college players get selected to play in the NFL.

End Zone: Is the ten yard area at each end of the playing field, otherwise known as the scoring zone

Extra Point: This is the point that is given for the kick taken in front of the goal posts, after a touch down.

Field: The pitch that NFL games are played on.

Field Goal: This is a shot taken through the goal posts, whilst the opposing team rush the kicker. A feild goal is worth 3 points in NFL.

First Down: This refers to the first of 4 chances the offense has to advance down the field, towards the goal line.

Flag: This indicates that a foul has been commited and is thrown onto the field to stop play.

Formation: Is the structure of the players on the field, offense and defense.

Full Back: Is a position that lines up behind the quarter back. These players are usually well built and strong, who also act as an additional blocker.

Fumble: Is a term used when a player losses possession of the ball. Fumbles can be recovered by any player on either team.

Goal Line: The goal line marks the start of the end zone (scoring zone).

Guard: Refers to the two positions either side of the fullback.

Half Back: Is a position that lines up behind the quarter back. The halfback is usually the quickest throughout the backfield.

Hand Off: Occurs when the quarter back hands the ball to the halfback, during the games running plays.

Huddle:  Is the term used to describe when the team assemble together to decide what the next play with be.

Incomplete Pass: A pass usually made by the quarter back, that is neither caught nor intercepted.

Kicker: Is one of the specialist players who enters the field of play to kick a field goal or handle a kick off.

Linebacker: Players in this position must be adaptable and athletic. The position involves, stopping the running plays, covering receivers or forcing the opposing quarterback into making fumbles or incomplete passes.

MVP: Most Valuable Player. Is tha player deemed the best of the season or game.

NFC: National Football Conference is the 16 team conference that joins the AFC in making up the NFL.

Offense: Refers to the team attacking with the ball.

Offside:  Is a term used to describe when a player is ahead of the line of scrimmage, before the ball has been snapped into play.

Overtime: Is the additional time period of 15 minutes added to any NFL game that is drawn. The first team to score within this time, then win the game.

Pass: Is used to move the offense up the field. Most passes are thrown by the quarterback.

Pocket: Is an area formed by players to protect the quarter back when in possesion of the ball.

Quarter Back: Is a vital positon in American football, and is central to all plays. The Quarter Back receives the snap to begin a play, or a series of plays. They can either, run with the ball towards the end zone, pass it to a wide reciever or hand it to a running back. This position is often referred to as the leader of the offense.

Rookie: A players first year in the NFL.

Run: Another way of moving the ball up the feild.

Running Back: A term used to describe halfbacks and fullbacks.

Sack: Occurs when the quarter back is tackled from behind the line of scrimmage, after he has dropped back in attempt to make the pass.

Safety: Has two meanings in NFL. Can either refer to an own goal or a player that covers the flanks or cornerbacks.

Scimmage: Describes the line of play where the snap occurs.

Special Teams: A selection of players that specialise in the kicking plays.

Snap: This indicates the beginning of play. It occurs when the center passes the ball back to the quarter back through their legs.

Strongside: The side of the offese that includes the tight end.

Super Bowl: This is the end game of the NFL championship. The AFC and NFC champions meet to determine the overall NFL champion. The SuperBowl is a huge spectacle of a game and is held in January or February each year.

Tight End: The tight end is a player positioned at the end of the offensive line, the strongside. He is a receiver as well as a blocker. Is a versatile player.

Time Out: Each team has 3 time out periods in each half of the game. The game watch is leagally stopped for teams to re-group and discuss game plays.

Touch Down: Similar to a try in Rugby, this is the most valuable method of scoring in American football. You can score a touch down by running over the goal line with the ball or catching it in the end zone. It is worth 6 points!

Weakside: The side of the offense with does not include a tight end.

Wide Receiver:  These players are positioned both side of the defensive line, and are usually the fastest players in the team. Their main objective is to run down field, and catch the pass from the quarter back in hope of scoring a touchdown.

Yard Line: These lines determine the yards that have been gained.

Zebras: Is the term used to describe the NFL officials, as they wear black and white stripped shirts.


2 responses to “NFL

  1. I was wondering if you ladies could explain more about the kind of penalties flags during the plays. Ex. Pass interferences, offsides, false start. and I also wanted to thank you, if it wasn’t for y’all I would still be confused about football but now I can watch it for hours..thanks ladies!

  2. Hi Christine! Thanks for your comment, glad we can keep you informed! If a foul occurs during a down (a play) after the play has begun, the down is allowed to continue and an official throws in a YELLOW penalty flag near where the foul has occured. When the down ends, the team that did not commit the foul can either accept the penalty, or decline the penalty and accept the result of the down. Hope this helps 🙂 Thanks again for visiting the site!

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