Whether its knowing your forehand from your backhand or your volley from your smash, you’ll be sure to ace the tennis terminology in no time!

Ace: The term ace explains a service winner, when the opposing player fails to return the serve.

Advantage: After the score has reached 40-40, the winner of the next point has the advantage. This is the point before the game is then won.

Back Hand: Refers to a C-shape , closed stanced shot, where the arm and racket come across the body.

Ball Boys/Girls: These are assisants, who collect the tennis balls and return it to the serving player.

Base Line: A horizontal line at the rear of the court, at each end.

Cross Court: A cross court shot is one played diagonally across the court.

Deuce: Refers to the score of 40 all, or 40-40.

Double Fault: When the player serving, faults twice in a row and therefore loses the points.

Drop Shot: Refers to a volley, that just drops over the net.

Fore Court: The area of the court between the service line and the net.

Fore Hand: Refers to a C -shape, open stanced shot.

Foot Fault: Occurs when a server places their foot onto the service line, in the process of serving the ball.

Fault: When serving, if the ball does not land in the service box this is known as a fault. The player loses the point after two consecutive faults… or a double fault!

Grand Slam: The main, most prestigious tennis tournaments are also known as The Grand Slams.

L.T.A: Stands for the Lawn Tennis Association, which is the governing body for the game of tennis in Great Britain.

Let: This term is called by the umpire when it is believed the shot should be played again.

Lines Man: An official who sits along the lines of the court and determine’s whether the ball is in or out.

Lob: Refers to a hit shot, hit up in the air, landing behind the opposing player.

Love: The term refers to the score of zero.

Match Point: Is the point before the game is won.

Net: Is the barrier in which the ball is hit over, from player to player, that separates the court.

Net Cord Judge: The official who determines whether the ball hits the net after the ball has been served.

Rally: A series of consecutive shots between players.

Serve: An over head fast paced shot, to start each point.

Stance: The stationary postion of the body prior to playing a shot.

Spin: A method of stroke play which includes the rolling of the ball in the air, moving either sideways, forwards or backwards depending on where the tennis racket has struck the ball.

Top Spin: A forwards rotation of the ball, after the shot has been taken.

Umpire: Refers to the main official, who keeps track of the score throughout the match


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